Wednesday, August 01, 2007


    So while I was gutted with the computer being guttered by a data-sapping parasite...

    .. we got new guttering.

    As it would also be, the night I planned to steal a soup recipe from another blogger, was the day the computer started to eat itself alive.
    All I had was chickpeas and leeks for dinner, and By God, we were going to be eating that soup, come Hell or High Water.

    Fortunately, though I had forgotten, it was a Jamie Oliver recipe, and I actually had it in cookbook form.

    It was delicious, but i'm not sure I liked what it did to the 'eau de husband'.
    And the boy had been right into the baked beans.

    Living with boys.


    Lazy cow said...

    Don't kid yourself, my daughter's farts are far smellier than the husband's, the son's or the disgusting old dog. (Wow, you really wanted to know that didn't you?)
    Soup sounds good though, must be the weather for it. I bought a McKenzies soup mix for $1 and chucked in a heap of veges and now I have enough soup for 2 weeks, as I'm the only one who will eat it.

    Cosy said...

    How do you get husbands to eat chickpeas? Or even homemade soup? I'm with lazy cow (godloveher!), I'm the only one who'll eat it! What do I do with a picky 43 year old male? (Just realised I've just posted a lovely comment about him on another blog then bagged him over here!) But I'm considering a cooking strike...

    Fairlie said...

    I have just posted about guttering over at my blog, then I swung by yours and discovered a guttering post! Spooky.

    Sorry to hear about your data-sapping parasite...bummer.

    I love chickpeas and other legumes...but it can be an uphill battle getting others to eat them. And the consumption of them really is VERY anti-social... :)

    tracey petersen said...

    Boys don't have to be the smelliest, they're just the proudest of them and they make certain that every one notices!

    SO glad those gutters are new...hope it rains soon so you can test them out.

    VictoriaE said...

    Although the convenience of baked beans is worth it. Most of the time.
    p.s. when I was last pregnant I craved baked beans all the time and ate them by the tinful.

    Damselfly said...

    Are those your beautiful roses?!

    Sheeps Clothing said...

    Gee, sorry to be the source of the smelly husband recipe. I haven't noticed that effect myself, but living in a household where I am the only female, I think there's sort of a smelly fart fog hanging over over the house most of the time.

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