Sunday, July 22, 2007

    Chocolate Crackles

    Delicious recipe for Chocolate Crackles:
    ( results may vary )

    You will need:
    melted cheese

    and then you stir, stir, stir, then plop plop plop.


    I could have sworn it was a bit different than this, but Chef knows best, I guess .....

    I thought of halving the recipe since we weren't having a party and collectively lack a family sweet tooth here, but we went and made the 24 anyway.

    I think there's about half a dozen left. I reckon the boy had about 10 for lunch yesterday, "That's your Last One!" is apparently an abstract ideal, best ignored.


    I found this site over at DMM:

    Too funny, love it.
    Almost makes me miss sharehouse living and office politics.

    One of the blokes I worked with bought a jaffle maker for our section - I think we all put in $2 for it. Within a week those scabs from Head Office ( not you, Sonja, if you're reading ;) started making the long trek from their end of the building to melt cheese and goo all over it.
    Some notes ensued about ownership, cleanliness and usership.
    Funny days....

    Then there was a bloke I lived with in Uni ( there were 6 of us all up ).
    Sick of the kitchen mess, he got some garbage bags one day and simply put all the dirty plates and pans into them, and locked them under the sink with a length of chain and a padlock. He kept his clean crockery/cutlery and pots etc in his room and locked that too.
    Lots of denial and finger-pointing, but Brian didn't care.
    As an aside, he also made a potent award-winning home-brew.

    Also, Robyn: It was me that ate one of your vanilla icecreams that day.
    Sorry. I didn't think you'd notice, or get so upset.
    But thanks to your note, I never did it again.

    I feel so much better for admitting that.


    Stomper Girl said...

    He really ate them? Thanks for the link to the notes, very funny. Group house living. *sigh* Aren't you glad you don't have to do THAT anymore.

    h&b said...

    Well, it really wasn't melted cheese ( copha ) and dirt ( cocoa )

    And the adults may have had some too ... ;)

    Cosy said...

    The thumbs-up and the Maisy apron are winners!

    dancingmorganmouse said...

    Ha, someone left the jaffle maker on overnight at our office, the cooked plastic smell was really something I could have done without. The PA email from management was all OH&S and "will be replaced THIS time". Pfft.

    joanne said...

    I love a kid who can give a good thumbs up!!!!!!

    Melody said...

    Thumbs up for sure! Can't beat a good chocolate crackle!!!

    Fairlie said...

    i love
    it makes me laugh every time I visit! Nothing like a bit of font-changing, underlining and excessive exclamation-marking to really get a passive-aggressive message across.

    VictoriaE said...

    I love chocolate crackles. I could eat a whole batch in one day. Glad you got to confess you're icecream crime (ha ha).

    meggie said...

    Shaoping up to be a top chef!
    Laughed at the house share story!

    dottycookie said...

    I love the link to the notes - dead funny!

    Nabeel said...

    I love his shirt, the red stripes :)

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