Friday, June 22, 2007

    Thanks for That

    I hate the cold. Don't go out in it. Hibernate inside.

    But this was easier when I was working, and before the boy.
    There's still the park, and going for walks, and these are a must, whatever the weather.

    So i've been on the lookout for a nice jacket that doesn't make me look like an oompa-loompa for the last 2yrs.
    I'm not a big girl, but I am short, and layers do not flatter me.

    This weekend we are heading up the mountains for some fresh air, and I am such a grouch when cold. I hate wearing hats, but get splitting headaches if my ears get cold. Scarves make me feel as if i'm choking to death ( as do any high-collared clothes etc ).

    Yeah, i'm fun, fun, fun.

    Yesterday we braved the cold and trotted up to our local shopping strip. Happily, I ended up with a lovely jacket ( chocolate corduroy ), gloves, beanie, and a scarf ( baby pink ) for under $50.00. Bonus.

    When we got home, I decided to put everything on and see how I looked.
    My son ( excitedly ) : " OH WOW !" ... " A SNOWMAN!!! "

    Yeah, thanks kid.


    Fairlie said...

    You can always rely on the comments of a 3 year old to bring you down to earth with a thud!

    I think it all sounds very stylish - chocolate brown and baby pink is a great combo. (And we're particularly fond of snowmen in this household!)

    dancingmorganmouse said...

    hmmm, a chocolate brown snowman.
    The comments of the young eh? My niece asked me the other day if I had turned 80 on my birthday! Arg.

    joanne said...

    aaah god love our kiddies!!!

    Stomper Girl said...

    Of course he meant a really chic, well-groomed and amazingly beautiful snowman. He just forgot to say those other bits.

    I can't wear polo necks or collars either for the same strangulation reasons. I blame having to wear a collar and tie schooliform from Prep to Grade 4. But scarves are okay. Wrapped loosely of course.

    shula said...


    The oompa loompa thing.

    I had to laugh...

    Em said...

    LOL! But you sound divine to me :)

    Blue Moon Girl said...

    Oh I am so with you on the scarf thing. Except my problem is that I get all weird and gag when things are too tight on my neck. And I am so with you on the hats thing. My head is ginormous and it's impossible to find a hat that fits, but I have to wear one so my ears don't get cold.

    I think the whole thing sounds simply lovely! I adore corduroy! Sounds like a good find (even if your darling boy thinks you look like a snowman!)!

    P.S. I'm writing all this to you from my air conditioned house because it is unbelievably hot here. We set a record of 99F (37C) and it is still 80F (27C) at almost 10pm... :P

    jorth said...

    Cold gives me a headache through my ears, too. Odd!

    KikiMiss said...

    Have a great weekend away, don't worry about what the Master said. He was flattering you in the way he knew tell you that you look like something fun to him.

    I did laugh out loud though :-)

    caramaena said...


    I bought a chocolate brown jacket today too. Mine isn't corduroy though. That sounds nice.

    Muzbot said...

    Ahhhh, shopping in Melbourne in Winter. Must look at my frequent flyer's and see if I can get down there soon for a shopping trip... or maybe just a coffee and cake trip, my other fave winter Melb treat.

    tracey petersen said...

    He hasn't seen much snow, has he?!

    I hate cold and layers. Yesterday was the coldest day in recorded history here. The Earth is mocking me.

    Joke said...

    NOW do you see why I live in a winter-free zone?


    Gina said...

    But to him, snowmen rock.
    ...mmm brown cord.

    Melody said...

    I'm not one for cold either. I'm sure I look like a snowman with my winter jacket on too.

    carolyn said...

    Oh don't you just love them! But then who cares if you are snug and warm and able to enjoy venturing out into the cold which incedently I love.

    The Mediocre Gatsby said...

    A snow man! HA!

    tommiea said...

    kids say the best things....

    Mine told me I have cracks on my face yesterday....I was waiting until 40 to Botox....maybe not!

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