Friday, June 08, 2007


    A story told to me by a friend this week:

    She had got into her car, strapped the kids in, and started to head off to our Mother's Group meet.

    "Oh dear!", she said "I forgot my camera!"

    " Why do you need your camera Mummy?" asked the 3yr old in the backseat.

    " Because Mummy wanted to get a nice picture of you today"

    " Don't worry. Master B's Mummy will take pictures"

    I guess I do almost always have my camera with me ;)

    They're so observant these days, with ears that hear everything.
    And repeat it back to you.

    Another of his friends ( a sweet, angelic looking child from a non-swearing family .. well ... at least they don't look like wharfies ... I think i swear more than they do ... ) has developed a propensity for the "F" word.
    Most amusing .. although not to his mother.

    Just drops in any old place, with no rhyme or reason or even meaning:
    "F*&^ing birds", "F&%$ing ball"

    Fair enough.

    ---------------------------------------------- ------------------------

    Check out all the balloons flying past my house early the other morning. We ofter see one or two, but never EIGHT ( couldn't fit them all in the pic )

    And a hug for Daddy ....


    Stomper Girl said...

    I love balloons going past too. Especially when they're really low. Don't usually see ANY in winter. Let alone 8. Must have been a balloon event.

    Uli said...

    I had three balloons go past my place this morning, lovely view out the bedroom window. They're so serene.

    Fairlie said...

    We quite often see balloons too, but I haven't spotted any in ages. I imagine it's more than a little chilly in those wicker baskets at the moment!

    Melody said...

    Owww... love the balloons. When we lived in Sth Melb we had a perfect view of the city skyline and would always see them floating past early in the morning... I should have taken some f*@!ing photos of them!

    KikiMiss said...

    I love that Daddy hugging shot!! I should get some like that too, it's such a special moment when they see either parent after some time.

    LOL @ Melody ha ha ha ha ha!!!

    Holly & Scolly said...

    I love to paint on this website Just move the mouse and then click to change colours. It's loads of fun!

    Sheeps Clothing said...

    My now 6 year old went through a swearing phase.
    His favourite was to say "oh for f*(*)**'s sake". Can't imagine where he got it from....
    Also in the car if someone cut in front of us he'd say "that person has no f(*()*ing idea, do they Mum".
    I now no longer let him watch the footy with his Dad (and probably shouldn't let him travel in the car with his Mum)!

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