Saturday, April 28, 2007

    A Simple "When Will You Be Home For Dinner"


    resulted in the following reply:

    "7.30pm, I met Lloyd Cole today"

    Sorry honey, you know I love you, but did you tell him nice things about me ?
    I know you didn't.

    Is he still hot, or is he kinda fat comfortable and married and stuff.
    Kinda like we are ?

    Email me back, Goddamn it !


    Lazy cow said...

    Ha, S was meant to be going out for dinner with him and some other golfing guys this week, but can't make it. (It's amazing who you meet in these Golf chat rooms!)
    PS And I never liked him, simply for that song Perfect Skin. I felt singled out and victimised.

    h&b said...

    I didn't notice your IMperfect skin when we met ?! You looked all magazine-glossy-fresh to me !

    Stomper Girl said...

    I think I heard him being interviewed on Triple R this week, he sounded so nice. And very into his golf.

    Also he looks Hot! in your vid.

    And I didn't notice any imperfect skin on Lazy either.

    KikiMiss said...

    Ohhh Lloyd Cole & the Commotions, how 1984!!!! What an era, I suspect he was also playing a gig in Melbourne town too h&b? Why didn't AB invite him home for dinner for God's sake.

    Btw, I also send "when will you be home for dinner" emails :-)

    Lazy cow said...

    22 years on and a good foundation work wonders :-)

    h&b said...

    Lazy - you need a new mirror..

    Stomper - neither of us knew about the golf thing, then AB realised he writes for one of his fave golf mags.

    kiki - we missed the gigs, he's on 'social time' now. Funny thing is, AB asked if he could go a few months ago, and I said 'no'. Mrowr ;)

    And for the You-Tube, I wanted to stick "Lost Weekend" up, but it's not on You-Tube, could you believe ? What's up with that ?

    dancingmorganmouse said...

    ooh time warp - those harry-high-pants trousers!

    Muzbot said...

    For some strange reason "Perfect Skin" is on top of my iTunes playlist. I'm still a huge fan of "Rattlesnakes". Great song. Even Tori Amos does a good version of that song.

    Joke said...

    You people REALLY HAVE NO IDEA whom you meet via golf.

    NO IDEA.


    h&b said...

    Oh, I dunno about that ;)

    tommiea said...

    how fun!

    Geraldo Rivera visited the troops in Iraq...he was sitting at the table next to my hubby....he even took a pic with him.. I thought it was hilarious!

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