Sunday, April 22, 2007

    More On Three..

    Friday was a beautiful day here in sunny, drought-stricken Melbourne.
    It was warm ( hot, even ! ), and we basked in sunshine, played outdoors and had a great day.

    The rain came the day after, and was very welcome ... then ;)

    And thankyou to Lazy Cow for the cake recipe ( Nigella Lawson's Buttermilk Birthday Cake ... recipe is half-way down the page i've linked here ). It was really delicious. And yes, the icing was good old Woman's Weekly Vienna icing - half a truckload of butter creamed with icing sugar and food colouring - blow your arteries out, kiddies !

    This pic isn't from yesterday, but is just me playing around in Photoshop again ( wow, I learned to merge photos into sequences ... you can tell i'm new at this if I find that exciting, I guess ;)

    If I could be bothered, I suppose I could cut out my feet. At the time, I kinda liked the juxtaposition. Looks a bit weird now, but hey, whatever.
    There were no real good pics from the party, besides those of other people's children, which probably isn't cool ...

    Oh - and the party favours: a kazoo, a bottle of bubble mixture, a Chuppa-Chup, two un-blown balloons and a plastic slinky.

    I bet those other parents are lovin' those kazoos right about now ... ;)


    meggie said...

    Love those pics. Since I am dumb about photos, I am really impressed.

    Er... what is a plastic slinky.

    A 'slinky' where I come from, was the skin of the little lambs that had died.
    I am quite sure that is not what you know a slinky to mean!

    h&b said...



    caramaena said...

    cute pics there (cute feet too ;) hehe). Good job on the sequence.

    As for noisy party favours, funnily enough they're always the first things that get 'lost'.

    Stomper Girl said...

    Lovely triptych of your boy and you have elegant feet so you may as well flaunt them.

    I always include those whistley-kazoo thingos with the roll-out paper in my party loot-bags. Kids have so much fun with them! And balloons too.

    tommiea said...

    kazoos go into our music box that gets dragged out only when the kids go outside!

    Susan said...

    Great pictures! And thankyou for your comment.

    dancingmorganmouse said...

    kazoos, almost as good as toy trumpets or those tubes you whirl around your head to make roaring noises.

    VictoriaE said...

    Cute, you have got a three year old!! Three year olds are even funner (and easier I reackon).
    Kazoos - yeah, those parents really are adoring you now..

    Janet said...

    The feet are good and I'm very impressed with your photoshopping. I can only adjust colours.

    The cake looks amazing and just thinking about the icing makes my teeth hurt (in a sort of good way) ;).

    Your party favours sound fun and not too much on the sugar. Would you believe that Grace got a BIG lollipop and a whole box of chocolates for her 2nd birthday? And that's on top of party food. Not that she saw much of them.

    Wes said...

    I was in Melbourne just for the weekend, and boy did it rain Saturday! It was kind of weird to see all that rain, and yet everything looked so dry.

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