Saturday, March 10, 2007


    My mother left us yesterday after living with us for about 5 months.

    The removalists came today to take her stuff and packing boxes and etc, so it was a good excuse to get into some cleaning and de-junking etc

    I started on 'her' room .. the spare room .. whatever room.
    With the boy's big bed in it ( Grandma has been sleeping here ).
    The boy has been pretty keen to move in.

    So I rearranged it slightly.

    His toys and junk are still in his 'baby room' ( yes, he now has 2x bedrooms to choose from .. who has such luxury ?! ), and it's not very boy-o, what with my NYC prints on the wall, and a poster advertising the Moonlight Cinema at the Bot. Gardens ( I stole it from a laundrette in Brighton when I was a skanky renter looking for free art. It still amuses me, as i'm sure skanky renters, stealing, and laundrettes really have no part in the Brighton landscape .. )

    But I digress ( this wine is going down nicely after breathing tile-cleaning fumes )

    So anyway. Hung up 5 of the TEN metres of bunting I have made so far.
    Five of it while watching Demi Moore sexually harrass Michael Douglas in a bad 80's movie ( Thinking: What does Ashton think ? Do they watch these movies in bed ? )

    Soooo, then I go to clean the 'cat's room', which is the room that one day will be a bathroom.

    The lino ( mmm, sexy lino ) needs a good scrub. That's when I hear the "WOW!"

    Next thing, Master B is at the door where I am scrubbing.

    "Ta Mum, ta nuu bed .. room. NUU BED, ta { nodding earnestly } Ta"
    Then he BLOWS ME KISSES. One single, and another double-handed one.

    Man, like that didn't make me feel special.
    What a great kid. He's a one-off, for sure.

    Also, while I was on this great 'doing' stint, I decided to turn some of the dried English lavender I have collected into homemade bathsalts. Smells divine.

    I showed the hubs when he came home tonight. "MMm, nice. What is that, dirt and ... ?"

    Me "Dirt?!"

    Him {???}

    Anyway, I thought it pretty funny, and perhaps a testament to how me-trained he is if he can compliment me on making a bottle of dirt for the bathroom. Interesting ...


    caramaena said...

    awww what a sweetie your little one is :)

    rofl @ the 'dirt'.

    meggie said...

    Ditto to Caramaena over the 'dirt'!
    Love the nuu bed, & bedroom!

    Melody said...

    Typical man to say dirt and...

    Little Ones room looks fabuous. Great bed. I'm looking forward to moving and decorating Monet's room... I love the bunting idea so who knows??... Monet has been doing well sleeping in the 'big bed' so it will be nice not having to put her cot up in the new place. And the change table. She'll need some new furniture me thinks...

    Muzbot said...

    Like most men, it seems your son has two rooms... Can I suggest that you start calling his baby room "his shed". It's where most men keep their "toys" :)

    Gina said...

    Master B's blown kisses...precious. The room looks like it popped right out of PB Kids. Love the bottled lavender. I've 6 bushes planted by the previous owner. We've lived here three years. I've yet to bottle one sprig. Thanks for the inspiration!

    Stomper Girl said...

    What a gorgeous and well-mannered young son you have there! I think the room looks great, as does the bunting. I also think that kids don't need overtly genderised rooms. The room looks welcoming and he was obviously totally rapt with it.

    I laughed so much at your scented dirt. Is it just dried lavender buds and epsom salts?

    I was also chuckling at the image of you being the only skanky poster-thief renter in posh old Brighton. I think you have a deeply subversive streak in you! I was a skanky poster-thief in Fitzroy, but they seem to expect it of you there...

    joanne said...

    bunting looking very spiffy

    Tracey Petersen said...

    Beautiful room! Looks like a poster itself. As for washing in dirt.... He's obviously a classy guy.

    Em said...

    Ah you little boy's bedroom is so sweet - and he's an utter darling too (although I'm sure you could make another just as sweet!)

    shoparound said...

    He has a nice room. I love the colors and the quilt.

    VictoriaE said...

    What a sweet room. And what a sweet boy.

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