Thursday, March 22, 2007

    More on Water

    Inspired by women more pro-active than I, I hauled those buckets I now shower with into my laundry to accompany a very small wash.

    Oh. My. God.

    I think it was 4 buckets I caught, with a lot more going down the tub. I need a 3rd bucket to keep up with the flow chain.

    If there's nothing that 'hard times' don't teach you, it's how blasé you are, how ignorant, and how wasteful.

    I am an ignorant, wasteful person.
    But i'm getting better.

    I hope i'm always like this .. that I don't forget when the rains come
    ( if they come .. although i've heard from farm people that the animals are acting like it's going to be a very wet winter ), that I don't slip back into bad, selfish, Western society habits.

    But then, what am I going to do with buckets of suddsy water when it's already plenty soggy outside ? Hmmm..

    Getting a water tank is high on our list for this year. Unfortunately, money seems to be leaking all over the place here at the moment, so I really hope it happens.

    Our electrician ( the re-wiring ) starts on Monday.
    It's an $8k job. EIGHT GRAND.
    And as a girlfriend pointed out to me this week ... 'it's not like you can invite people over afterwards to admire the re-wiring and the money you've spent'

    So true .. so true ....


    joanne said...

    we re-wired and yep there is nothin to look at.Nothin! And boy it hurts the bank account.

    Jo said...

    Just do what my boy does and re wire the house yourself with a bit of help from gramps..(neither of whom I should point out are electricians). You know those ads 'does someone you know like to do it themselves... zz zz ... slow motion scream' That ad was made for me.

    Anyway, I understand your pain spending 8 grand on wires.

    Kris said...

    I think buckets might be preferable to the "system" my partner has set up, which seems to result in me running out of the shower, barely covered by a short towel and hair half washed, to re-organise the plastic pipes that are backing up. Being water- wise requires sacrifices of us all, but most especially my horrified neighbours.

    Stomper Girl said...

    It's so true. I used to think parents who didn't insist their kids flush the loo after a wee were slackers! Now when my kids wash their hands I'm behind them trying to manage the soap and tap and shouting "come on come on don't waste water" like a demented woman.

    Bring on the rain. We need 40 days and 40 nights.

    meggie said...

    If only all this ***ing humidity would turn into rain!!!

    Em said...

    We are finally having decent rain here today and I couldn't be happier!

    dancingmorganmouse said...

    Buckets are too hard, too small and you can't stand in them. What you need is a trug. They are big, you can stand in them, they have handles so you can carry then AND, bebes up to the age of 6 can bathe in them! Gotta love the trug.

    VictoriaE said...

    8k for rewiring - ouch - well, at least you won't have to worry about a roof fire then.

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