Saturday, March 17, 2007

    Lime & Tomato

    Since Mum left, i've been getting into things long neglected.

    We moved here 9months ago, and a lot of stuff just got shoved into places so we could function on a daily basis. Eat/sleep/wash kinda living.

    Which is ok. Up until a point.

    In my defence, I must say that we don't have a place for everything, and for everything a place. Never had.
    Our first home we renovated to be totally built in ( still my preference ), and we came there with the broken down belongings of our youth and pre-marital hand-me-downs.
    My laundry was a cupboard in the kitchen ( very European ! ), we had street parking ( inner city chic ! ), and definately no shed/garage, or any room for extra storage.

    In fact, i've always been a bit of a snob about the amount of shite people seem to hoard. I was proud of my minimal existance.

    Then I started accumulating.
    Baby junk for one.
    We now have a garage ( c'est luxury ). There are boxes of baby and maternity clothes in there, extra bottles, feeding spoons, bibs. A highchair.
    All my gardening stuff ( i've always pottered, where did I used to keep this stuff before ? )

    BTW: There are no cars in my garage. In the 1940's, people did not drive Arnie-sized Hummers. People were clowns. With minis. Going by the size of my garage.

    So anyway, I kinda got off topic.
    Today I took everything out of the cupboards and drawers in the kitchen and cleaned them.
    Washed and ironed ( !! - I never iron - !! ) all the table linen that was stuffed in with salad servers and stickytape and blu-tack and nails, and put them in a more appropriate place ( that was stuffed with old unread "Good Weekend"s. )

    And that's when I noticed ( finally getting to the topic ) that nearly everything I own is in a shade of lime or tomato.

    Sorry about the anti-climax.


    nutmeg said...

    H&B I am going to have to take a picture of the other half of my family room/kitchen because it is full of green and red. My particular ensemble includes a combination of tomato/maroon and moss/eucalyptus green. Though I have a footstool that borders on a mix of moss and lime. And I always like to find a little flowering plant to match. Great minds furnish alike!

    And I know about the "accumulation" thing - we recently hired a skip (yes, a skip!) and threw out a lot of old stuff - it was so very uplifting (in many respects).

    caramaena said...

    Your colour scheme sounds yummy ;)

    At least stuff will match. We've got a mish mash of stuff that I've bought, that he's bought, that people have given us etc etc. Nothing really matches. I should just pick some colours and start fresh!

    Tina O'D said...

    When you've finished I've got plenty of drawers and cupboards you can come and tidy up for me!! Ironing if you wish!! The list goes on.

    Stomper Girl said...

    You see, the reason I avoid doing all that sort of work is that when I took out all my stuff I would see how crappy it was!

    I seriously thought I was getting a recipe with that post title.

    h&b said...

    Ahh, but nutmeg, these are colours of *tomato* and *lime* .. not green and red at all ;) Would love to see your pics - colour combos sound divine !

    Cara - this wasn't planned, I guess it's just who I am ( ? ), and I always thought I hated red.. Ebay the crap and get yourself some new stuff ;)

    Tina - your house is always immaculate ( unless the tradies are there ) No way am I doing your ironing ;)

    Stomper - I can give you a recipe if you like ? .. i'm thinking fresh salsa. Add corn chips for dipping and a jug of Sangria. Sound good ? ;)

    Normally, when housework beckons, i'd rather get dirty out in the yard. Gah, I hate cleaning !

    Damselfly said...

    Well, it sort of looks like a salad! Maybe you could say your garage was a salad...? No cars in our garage either, because my husband treats it as his workshop full of tools and giant equipment.

    Tracey Petersen said...

    When I do the same I discover that I am a lover of pink and green - a shabby chic version of tomato and lime. (It is actually my husband who loves pink and green, but you won't get him to admit it!)

    meggie said...

    This all sounds so colour co-ordinated! Ours is just mish & mash.. & i dont care!
    I too was expecting the recipe, but when I got the laugh I thought it more beneficial to my health!

    velcro said...

    i dream of having colour coordinated tableware or even ecclectically mismatched stuff. I binned my napkins a year ago as they were sitting in a cupboard, never used and taking up valuable art n craft space. One day though.....

    jorth said...


    (Well, it kinda made me think of guacomole and salsa, which is odd since I just ate, and really shouldn't be hungry)

    Surfing Free said...

    If we lived in a house twice the size of the pokey hole we currently reside in we would STILL be overrun by crappe! Having built-in cupboards is a fantasy of epic proportions in my cluttered little head. I look at our full-to-the-brim drawers and cupboards and just sigh in exhaustion at the mere thought of cleaning them out .... so I tips me lid to ya!

    VictoriaE said...

    Laughing. (Because you're funny!)

    Suse said...

    I thought you were going all foodie-blog too!

    Love the colour combo.

    Em said...

    Here we lack a colour scheme... but I was impressed when a friend went green and pink in her kitchen. She even buys pink sponges to match!

    Joke said...

    A carless garage is a sad thing.


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