Monday, February 26, 2007

    besides the beach..

    we did a great many other things.
    We also slept a lot, and took some nanna-naps ( something I never get to do in my everyday life ! ). We ate well, bought some nice things, and got to see do some cool stuff ( like ride a camel ! ).

    Australia Zoo was SO impressive.

    I thought it would be all that "Aussie" crap, aimed at the foreign market, with lots of Cobbers and You Beauts and Strewths and Mates.

    And it was at times, I admit ( their 'staged' shows were very corny ).


    It was also bloody impressive.

    And they've spent a lot of money to make something the family should be proud of ( no wonder they are all so pumped up about themselves .. they should be proud ! ). We got to feed elephants, kangaroos and baby farm animals.

    We got to pat a koala.

    We got to see crocodiles go "SNAP!", and tigers, and man-eating snakes ( eww ! ).

    While we were walking around the park, keepers would walk by, excercising cougars and wombats on leads. As you do.

    It was a great holiday.

    And no-one checked email.
    And there were only 2 calls ( I think ) to the 'office', and they were brief.

    Thanks Daddy. You are a living legend.


    Melody said...

    Oh wow! Australia Zoo does look and now sounds impressive. I'm keen to go more than ever now! We actually went to the Cairns Tropical Zoo today for Playgroup. Its okay, but not impressive!!! And don't you love places that have both good food and good craft markets? *Melody goes and books her next holiday to Noosa*

    VictoriaE said...

    Sounds so good. My kids have a big fantasy going they all talk about together about how we're going to go to Australia Zoo (and visit Bindie). Will have to get organised and take them one day.
    Glad you had a good holiday!

    shellyC said...

    Glad you had a great holiday. A friend went to Australia Zoo and was also really really impressed and as surprised as you.

    caramaena said...

    Oh cool - I'm glad Australia Zoo was good. We're going to the Gold Coast at the end of March and Australia Zoo is one place we're going. Dreamworld and Seaworld are the other two.

    You'll have to give me some recommendations on what we shouldn't miss at the zoo :)

    Damselfly said...

    Wow, great pics from the zoo! I'd love to visit sometime. Your new beaded utensils look great, too. Glad you had a fabulous vacation! (Or do you say "holiday?")

    KikiMiss said...

    I looooove Ma Mensa, it's one of my favourite Noosa haunts. We went to Australia Zoo a few days prior to Christmas (now why didn't I blog that??) and also loved it. One of those places you end up spending all day at. As you drive up the Bruce Highway there are numerous billboards with Steve & Bindi's faces on them..and my daughter is the same victorae...she calls Bindi her friend and asks (everytime, mind you) if we're going to visit her. Awww cute.

    h&b - what camera do you use? It takes wonderful images...or is that the photographer?? :-)

    Surfing Free said...

    Sounds divine! And go the nana naps!
    I have heard good things about Australia Zoo and must make a trip to it with fam sometime.

    nutmeg said...

    I am generally not a sand, sea, sun or surf sort of gal - I think it's the Scottish heritage - but I do like going to Noosa! And my mum and dad were very impressed with Australia Zoo - I have a second opinion now ;-)

    It sounded like a great holiday - no calls or e-mails - I can only dream!

    Em said...

    Alexander is desperate to go to Australia zoo so I suppose we'll end up there someday... I'm glad to hear it isn't as tacky as I feared it would be!

    Wes said...

    Australia Zoo is very impressive. I haven't seen the new elephant enclosure live yet, but from what I've heard it is sensational. Steve's legacy lives on in a magnificent way!

    meggie said...

    That looks a perfect holiday! Naps do appeal to me!

    tommiea said...

    what a great vacation! We did something similiar at Sea World. I would love to visit your zoo!

    Renee said...

    Sounds like a great holiday! I have never been to Australia Zoo, will have to get there one day. Glad you had a nice break, isnt is just fabulous? Great photos too. Renee x

    Stomper Girl said...

    Australia Zoo does look fantastic. So glad you had a good time away and relaxed and played as a family. Jealous actually. I've been observing Fixit all week planning yet another motorbike ride with his friends and wondering why it would never enter his head to put together a family jaunt for us! You know, even just an over-nighter to Phillip Island to see the penguins! Sigh.

    Gina said...

    So glad to hear you had fun. Love the petting pictures. So sweet.

    h&b said...

    melody - yeah, it's really good. Noosa is a bit exxy in general though, and Aus. Zoo entrance fee is too .. but definately worth it ...

    kiki - we ate at Ma Mensa twice ;)
    The kid's meals were as good as the adults - no dumbing down ! You must try Rococo, at the other end of the street - RatPack music, live band, awesome food, and ditto on the kid's menu ..

    Oh, and cams: a mix of my little Canon Ixus 300 point & click, and the husband's much better, but bulkier Pentax istD.

    Stomper - I would love to do P.I.
    Fixit needs a steel-toed tapshoe up the bottom ;)

    Lazy cow said...

    I didn't even know where Australia Zoo was till recently, and am kicking myself for not going when we were in Qld last year.
    So glad you had a good time.

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