Tuesday, December 26, 2006

    Boxing Day

    And AB is at the Boxing Day Test. One of those quintessential Melbourne experiences ... but neither of us has ever been before.

    Not that I care. I am not into Sports in general, and cricket particularly *yawn* !

    Anyway, I got the fun job of cleaning up after yesterday, inviting his mate home, running over to Coles ( my butcher was closed, hope the roast is ok ! ), and buying fresh meat and veges.

    Yes, the weather is still unseasonably cool, and i'm hankering for roast foods.

    Yesterday's food went down a treat, but we're moving on.
    I've been marinating the beef for a good few hours, and have stabbed it full of garlic shards and fresh rosemary stalks from the garden. yum.
    I'm doing 'my' { err.. Jamie Oliver's } famous roast potatoes that always go down a treat ( I did them yesterday too ! ) .. and steamed beans sauteed in avocado oil with almond slivers.

    My kind o' party.

    Our guest tonight used to live with us once, a long time ago, pre-marriage.
    It has been years since we had him over for a meal, and we have lived in 3 other houses besides this one that i'm pretty sure he hasn't stepped foot in.


    His dad was my husband's boss, and when my husband became a boss, "B" became his apprentice. Now "B" has his own business, in the same industry as my husband and his father. Don't you love the continuity ?

    I do :)

    So i'm looking forward to tonight. The last time I saw "B", my baby was but a newborn, asleep in the carseat.

    We're terrible like that .. catching up with people.
    But at least when we see our friends, it is like no time has passed, and the laughter is real, the lapse unnoticeable.

    And there's more to talk about :)


    Master B with one of his presents from yesterday: a Dora The Explorer Snowglobe.
    It plays the theme tune - it's so cute !


    Pendullum said...

    What a beautiful shot!!!
    Hope your dinner party tonight was wonderful...
    Nothing like getting caught up with old friends...

    Stomper Girl said...

    Hope AB didn't freeze at the cricket. He picked a good day to go, apart from the weather. (When I hear "AB" part of me always thinks Alan Border.)

    Little Master B looks quite adorable with his Dora snow-shaker.

    Anonymous said...

    I don't do sport either except rugby and only when Scotland are playing.
    I love the photo, Master B looks completely enthralled with his snow globe.

    KikiMiss said...

    Hi there and welcome to post-Christmas day and all that jazz. I'm like you (not so sure about my partner) with catching up with friends, I agree it's just like no time has passed at all. I don't do 'high maintenance' types very well so if people start whining about not seeing me I almost feel like giving them the heave-ho. Life is busy and moreso when we have little ones. Anyway, enough babbling..just wanted to say I totally agree with you. Oh and where did you find that Dora snow globe? It's fantastic and doesn't Master B look smitten with it?

    Anonymous said...

    Doesn't he look gorgeous. I love gifts like snowglobes and other things that last long after their plastic toys have been smashed to smithereens!

    My tip, though, is to put them out of reach and take them down for special occasions, otherwise it'll be snowing in your house before you know it! My son has smashed a few lovely things he was given for his birth, christening, first Christmas etc. He was a little too eager with them!

    Gina said...

    Hope you enjoyed "B". Nothing like old friends.

    Anonymous said...

    Whizzzzzzzzz - what was that?
    Yet another year gone by and yet again the only "keeping up" that's done is a dodgey card in December. Oh well, we can all catch up with old friends in 2007, can't we!

    Anonymous said...

    Master B is going to break some hearts!

    Love the Snow Globe.

    Cricket?? what is that???

    Anonymous said...

    Happy Christmas, and enjoy your roasties!!!

    Yes doesn't time fly when you have littlies.

    And glad I am not the only one who's overindulged...

    But please don't talk to me about the cricket. Am still in mourning!!!!

    love Janex

    Anonymous said...

    I have been forced to develop an interest in cricket, having both a cricket mad husband and son... I am finally able to enjoy it after 10 or so years and having the rules explained to me more times than I care to count...

    I love catching up with old friends and feeling the time we've spent apart melt away in minutes!

    Anonymous said...

    Dora is soooo popular in my house. I love the continuity.

    Anonymous said...

    Yumbo! My fave vege is steamed green beans. The way you described them has made my mouth water.

    Sounds like you're having a great xmas. :)

    Ahhh cricket: There's the beer, there's the crowd hijinx, there's always eyecandy and you get all this in the fresh air... oh, and then there's the game going on in the centre of all this. It's the game we played as kids in the backyard until the sun finally went down. If we were lucky, Dad would rig up a flood light and we'd have our own Day/Night one dayer. And, as kids, it always seemed like an eternal summer.

    Anonymous said...

    Oww, what a gorgeous snow globe. That Dora has her fingers in everything doesn't she?

    Nothing like going to the Boxing Day Test. Pity you need to take a lot of money to really enjoy yourself!! I hope hubby had a great day.

    suburban mom said...

    Hope you guys all had a fun dinner :)

    caramaena said...

    Sounds like you had a nice christmas :) Dora's a big hit here too.

    All the best for 2007!

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