Monday, November 13, 2006

    Jasminius Begonius

    I may upset a few people with this post.

    I remember the start of Spring, and all the bloggers ooohing about the Jasmine coming out and scenting their yards.

    Me too !!

    But you see, this 'atomic bomb shaped' jasmine hasn't been trimmed in like 30yrs ( ?? ), and there's a lot of dead stuff upon dead stuff upon dead stuff. And I expected a LOT more scent for it's size, which never really happened. I gave it a go, but it was ugly, so now it's gone ( I also want to paint over the peachy-orange colour behind it ).

    14 garbage bags later ... took me the whole of Friday, 3 blisters and a gardener's bum tanline. Noice !

    So what's next ?
    Well, I already have 2x Star Jasmine ( non-invasive variety, same goodly smell ) to replace it.
    I'll paint the garage, maybe mount a mirror in the middle, and try to espalier it along.. maybe ..

    In other news, i've been busy with stuff and nothing.

    Fireplace Man comes today to finish off the hearth, and tomorrow we have a Physio appt for Master B, who has developed a pronounced limp in recent weeks, which is not going away and is not shoe-related.

    Sometimes I think i'm busier than when I worked fulltime.
    I am fearing the day when I have to return to the workplace, but I know it's inevitable. Master B is growing up so fast, and soon he'll be off to school it seems ..

    I like my old workplace, and I know the work, so it would be nice to go back if there was a position eventually .. but other days I think i'd just like to work in a local Chemist selling lavender-scented talc to little old ladies. Or a nursery. Yeah...


    meggie said...

    Glad you got shot of the old Jasmine- looked as it needed to go.

    The star Jasmine are nicer, & smell divine.

    And you also work, who 'only' stay at home.. & sometimes bloody hard!!

    Anonymous said...

    Anyone rips out jasmine with their bare hands and gets blisters is an incredibly hard worker in my book!

    Sorry to hear about the limp - any idea what the problem is?

    Stomper Girl said...

    Good post title!!

    If you want to delay the return to work, you could consider a little brother or sister for Master B...

    Bec of the Ladies Lounge said...

    I love the spring type jasmine, but I think you've done yourself and this plant a mercy. It's day was well and truly done!

    Star jasmine will give you moreflowers over a longer period. But you knew that already...

    As for the job thing? I sometimes fantasise about quitting big city job and waitressing. I like people. I know how to earn tips. I love being around food. I spent two years doing it when I was 16-18 and built up a tough exterior around chef-abuse. I could be around to pick up the kids from school. What's not to love about waitressing?

    Other than that I am nearly 40 and probably not quite so fit and bouncy as the last time I took on the job, of course.

    I like the idea of nursery work!

    caramaena said...

    Jasmine gives me hayfever, so I'd have no problems ripping it out - I wouldn't replace with more jasmine though!

    Hope Master B's limp turns out to be minor.

    As a full time working mum, I'd love to cut my hours, particularly as my son will start school next year. I think it's important to be there after school (especially as homework will eventually arrive on the scene), but I don't know if I'd be able to swing it right now.

    joanne said...

    I am also busier than ever being a mum - unpaid work - hope the limp goes away.

    shellyC said...

    Good job on the Jasmine - 30 years and never cut back must have been a bugger to cut up!! Find anytrhing scary in amongst it??

    My float said...

    ARGH, you killed the jasmine?

    Just kidding. I figure it had lived its life well and that it was time to go to a better place.

    The star jasmine sounds great.

    I hope Master B's leg is ok.

    muser said...

    Also hoping the limp turns out to be no drama.

    Love the idea of some part-time nursery work. I did 2 years of a horticulture certificate with that sort of thing in mind. Then we ended up buying our 75 acres. Maybe this is the reason for it.

    nutmeg said...

    Do you want to come and work in my garden? I'm sure I could pay better than a nursery for your skills and stamina :-) Only problem is that we're in Sydney.

    Your work, as usual, is amazing. I like the sound of the mirror.

    Also hope nothing to out of the ordinary with master's leg.

    Angry Dad said...

    Espalier. What a cool word, and a great idea!

    Damselfly said...

    Wow -- maybe when you go back to work, it will be as a landscape designer!

    suburban mom said...

    Oh yeah. I would have totally pulled that sucker out.

    Anonymous said...

    I tried to comment about your jasmine yesterday, but Blogger had a brain fart.

    We have this weirdo jasmine bush in our backyard that has one long branch that constantly grows way up no matter what we do. We call it "Alfalfa."

    Glad you ripped yours out, it looks much better. :)

    And working at a nursery is awesome work, but it is hard!!

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