Monday, October 23, 2006



    Big day - lots of cleaning, stuff, fun, stuff, stuff, stuff & etc.
    Does anyone else have a child that goes non-stop from 6.30am-7.30pm without a nap ?
    He's never been the napping kind, but since he'd been buzzing since 5.30am with his Dad ( I stayed in bed for that first hour ), I expected him to have a midday crash.


    But because he's good ( mainly ) at having quiet time, and self-play, it's not too bad.
    Althought I did get suss after a quick clean-out of the garage - the house was so quiet. Hmm
    No reclining body in front of Bear & The Big Blue House ...


    "Argh !"

    I laughed, he really did scare me, peeking out the window like that .. then I saw the red ... sticky ... bright red ... PAINT ! OMG !! I run inside, footprints everywhere ( also: does anyone else have a 2.5yr old with a size 10 foot ? Covered in red paint, I realised how big those suckers are ! Bloody massive. Farque ! ).

    So straight into the bath, the clothes in the wash on soak.
    I come back to the bathroom to discover a non-scribble drawing on the wall ( bath crayons )

    "Wow, Bubby, that is really good. Who is this?"


    aww .. sniffle .. so gorgeous ... the Ego stage of life, and the huge head with the big eyes is Daddy.
    Since Daddy came home from work, i've been trying to relay what an honour this is.

    Well, i'm stoked anyway :)


    Stomper Girl said...

    My firstborn has enormous feet. My friends never get bored of telling me how much it'll cost us to shoe him when he's a teenager...
    I was as impressed as you with his portrait of his beloved Dad. Thank goodness for digital cameras so we can treasure even a transient artwork made with bath crayons.
    Your artistic talents have obviously rubbed off on him.

    Lazy cow said...

    I was very sad when the Boy gave up his afternoon naps a few months ago. I really needed that time to myself :-(
    Size 10 feet! My son just got fitted for new shoes at 3 3/4 years and he's only a 9 1/2. I guess we can compare tomorrow. Ha Ha. Looking forward to it.

    Anonymous said...

    Monet stopped napping in April at the age of 19 months. I was shattered. Then, about a month ago, the day naps reappeared. I get a lovely 2 hour break each day between 1 and 3 and yes, it is wonderful.

    My float said...

    My son is almost three and his midday sleeps have, for the most part, disappeared. they vanished after we changed his cot to a bed. It's very difficult for both of us, and I see a huge difference when he sleeps because in the afternoons he is an absolutely model child. If he doesn't sleep, I am one step away from the local psychiatric ward!

    All I can say is - hang on to the cot!!

    My float said...

    PS. The painting is gorgeous!

    meggie said...

    Isnt it great to have a digital camera to catch all those lovely pic opportunities!

    Love your posts.

    Penni said...

    Frederique dropped the daysleeps at 2ish never to return. She is totally wild, full of the joy and the busy but she is really good at entertaining herself and of course we Kindly supplied her with a sibling to fill in the gaps - now Una is 1 they play together quite a lot.

    Still I need the lights dim and the music low when they finally conk out at about 7.

    Anonymous said...

    Gorgeous drawing - I'm glad you've captured it forever!

    Angry Dad said...

    Such wonderful artistic talent! I know Orange Spray gets off most of the marks, unless you want to keep them on for their artistic merrits. Our 10 year old does what you're 2 1/2 year old is doing. And our 1 year old goes just as hard, but at least he has naps... sometimes!

    Angry Dad said...

    Oh, and be thankful it was paint, and not Sump Oil... Its a long story, but suffice to say that's what mine and another's child decided to play and paint with one time.

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