Thursday, October 26, 2006

    From Russia With Love

    Or: "How I Left Playgroup with Someone Else's Husband" ...

    One of the reg's wasn't there today after a scheduled "C-Section" last week.
    'Dad' had brought the newly older brother for some playtime, even though he should have been working. Can everybody say 'awww' ?
    What a sweetie.

    So we all got to hear the story of the latest birth. We've only met him once before, but he's obviously a bit of a foodie like his wife ( who entertained me recently with her story of a Thai-themed Xmas spread, while trying to ban other family members from bringing anything lest a hot plum pudding or a plate of devilled eggs ruin her spectacular offering ).

    So I ended up in an obsessive little conversation about a local Russian Chicken shop, where there was too much oohing and ahhing for me, I couldn't bear it, they were making me hungry !!

    So I ended up leaving Playgroup with somebody else's husband.

    "It's all good!" he said, expansively opening his arms up wide in the store.
    He's a big burly Aussie bloke. It's a small store filled with genteel Jewish women and the like. Hilarious.
    So I ended up with 3x types of cured sliced meats, and 2x types of dumplings for the freezer/dinner. I can't wait, actually. On the walk there, Mr. Mom was telling me of his favourite dumpling preparation ( basically a non-kosher Asian style soup ) .. yum.

    The weird thing is .. I think this shop might have been on my horizon for a while, but i've just missed all the cues. In April, the Master's party was catered for by a Russian woman who admonished me for not shopping there ( I wasn't really listening, and so I pretended to know where she was talking about .. naughty, I know .. ) .. and .. i'm pretty sure ... this was the place LC told me she bought her homemade chicken stock from the other day ( see, not listening again - my mind is a flitterbug, I swear.. ).

    Well, apparently, now I will never shop anywhere else for ham & the like again.

    I got the feeling to disobey may result in bodily harm.

    But judging from the smell of the shop ( awesome ) and the taste of the fresh crusty rolls I made here for lunch ... I won't have to change playgroups to avoid a beating .. which is a good thing ..


    Anonymous said...

    Mmmmm.... sounds delicious!

    Stomper Girl said...

    Here's me thinking Anna Karenina and you give me dumplings! Dumplings!

    shellyC said...

    Delicious!! I should really listen more carefully too - God knows what I am missing out on!!

    Bec of the Ladies Lounge said...

    All yum. Well done on finally finding the find!

    You see the blue you're using here on the new template? I want it for my house. Wonder if I print out a page of your blog and take it to Bunnings for paint matching, will they think I'm weird?

    ("Hey Gaz, did you see that chick in here earlier trying to get paint to make her house look like some WEB site??")

    meggie said...

    Hmmmm Sounds lovely.

    We used to have 2 lovely local Deli's filled with exotic goodies, but they both closed due to large hideous type supermarkets.

    symone said...

    you can't beat the local new one is run by a lovely Greek girl who tempts me with sample plates of little 'bits' every time I visit (3 x time a week and counting)...then she always offers my 3 yr prince a lolly or biscuit, if he's allowed ( i love that she asks )..he loves her. Deli owners can be so interesting..I visited a different one yesterday called "Ivans" ...and yes it's "Ivan" the man himself behind the register. He was telling a man, who said "no" when asked if he was married, that he should get himself "at lease 3 wives in your lifetime, get them to help you pay off the houses, trust me I know what I'm talking about"...then in the next breath he greets me with "hello lovely lady"....hmmm back off Ivan....60+ year old dynamo's looking for a mortgage mate aren't quite my thing. But he's very entertaining which adds to the experience and there is something about the smell and the feel of the place that makes buying ham and the like from Supermarkets seem wrong.

    Lazy cow said...

    I think I know the Russian place (it isn't in your suburb is it?).The chicken stock is from the Chicken Shop in your shopping strip. (Am I being discreet enough?) See, you were listening :-)

    h&b said...

    Stomper - heh, sucked in. I used to always get in trouble for writing emails with luring titles, that would have the blandest text inside :)

    Bec - let me know which blue - the side blue, or the header blue - I can get you the PMS colour for it, which can easily be matched at the paint shop ( true ! )

    Symone - hubba hubba. Still, I love being flattered by 'fresh' butchers and the like. I am so Kath Day-Knight like that ...

    LC - I rarely venture from my strip .. it's just so .. accessible .. so yes :)
    Hmm ... so your stock is from the La Ionica shop ??

    Tracie said... you are making me hungry!!

    Here via Michele!

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