Thursday, October 19, 2006


    No, I did not upgrade to Beta.

    However, my blog seems to have gone a bit berko overnight for no reason.
    I can't see my sidebar or links etc, can anyone else ?

    Will investigate, but in my own time, unfortunately.
    Tomorrow I am getting a big truckload of dirt dumped in my driveway, and from there, we will be filling the planter boxes. Maybe plants too, if we get around to it.

    Deck looks FAAAB-U-LOUS, and it was nice to sit outside in the sunshine yesterday with a few mummies watching the kidlets run amok on the lawn. We will also be having paternal family members over on Sunday ( many haven't even been here yet, because we're self-interested like that, and busy doing our own thing ).

    And i'm tired. Looking forward to doing NOTHING on weekends until Christmas .. hopefully.
    Just relax and kick back, and carpe diem, yeah.


    h&b said...

    Hmm - ok, sidebar is back again, for me at least.
    Sidebar should be orangish with stuff on it. Let me know if it's dark green and empty ...

    My float said...

    sidebars are definitely here. I think blogger has been playing up since yesterday - I've had difficulty accessing everyone's blogs, but the problem seems to have cleared up.

    How did your spiders go?

    Anonymous said...

    Your blog looks lovely :)

    Deck and kiddos sounds wonderful. We are going to bid on a house this weekend which has a deck overlooking the garden. I have my fingers crossed.

    carolyn said...

    Yes I can see your side bar, but where oh where are the pictures of the fab decking?

    Suse said...

    Sidebar is there, safe and sound.

    (Blogger is being a beast lately, I see Typepad in all our futures ...)

    h&b said...

    MF: Spiders went well .. improved on the legs and painted them black

    Em: GOOD LUCK !! ( x's fingers )

    Carolyn: The deck is hard to photograph, being so large, but I thought we'd wait until we filled the planter boxes for the big unveiling pic ;)

    Lazy cow said...

    Deck, planter boxes...sigh. That all looks like it won't be happening around my place for a long time. I'll have to live vicariously through you :-)
    (Your recent posts haven't shown up in Bloglines, so I didn't realise you'd posted, grrr).

    Stomper Girl said...

    Oh, me too with the Bloglines no show. Have had to resort to stalking your site instead.
    Have fun with the in-laws...

    h&b said...

    Re: Bloglines -
    I had my blog marked 'no feeds', but (just ) now have updated with a short listing, so should show up when I update now ( I didn't really know about bloglines - lesson duly noted ;)

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