Tuesday, September 19, 2006

    Wine Time !


    - Ripped out ugly MASSIVE Jade Plant by side door
    - Which ripped out some other ugly succulent
    - Filled space left behind with 2x wheelbarrows of woodchips
    from prior stumpings
    - Chucked my potted Meyer Lemon and Calamondian trees up there
    to fill the void ( they are about to blossom, and the goodly stink will
    waft in the house, oh yeah ! )
    - Wondered what else I could do
    - Realised I needed to test the sample pot of fence paint
    ( Dulux Kosciusko )

    - Painted a couple of panels on the garage
    - Kosciusko a tad too blue, but I have a litre of paint,
    what to do ?
    - Paints over "Peach Pit" ( heh, Jason Priestly ) side steps
    ( anything is better than an 80's apricot )

    Ahhh .. I feel better already... ( even if it is a tad too blue ... )


    Marianne said...

    Wow! All this progress! It's been perfect weather for it, that's fer sure... Enjoy that wine - looks like you've earned a glass or two :)

    Melody said...

    Oh no. I don't think it looks too blue. It looks wonderful. It is a gorgeous colour.

    shellyC said...

    Lovely colour!! If you think that is too blue...I'll post you a photo of my steps soon...really blue!

    Bec of the Ladies Lounge said...

    There's a dulux colour - 'boatshed' - that I think may be the blue of your dreams for outdoor blue-ing... although I completely get using up the existing litre first and I do like this blue, too!

    And now you're done with your jade plant - could you come and deal with mine? It's between the two azaleas I mentioned in the email and I've only been able to ignore it because they've been blooming!

    Jo said...

    Not too blue at all, I love it. Picks up that slate/grey/blue colour in your bricks nicely. And ripping out a jade plant! Bad fengshui for you, my friend.

    h&b said...

    Ha, Bec !

    I know Boatshed .. used to have a pot of that ( another house, another lifetime ). I think i'm after a bit more slate/grey in my mix this time.

    Jo - I wondered if someone would mention my bad feng shui :( Believe me, it was old and ugly - nothing that ugly can be good luck, right .. right ?? ( besides, we've still got more of the stuff .. previous owner loved the stuff.. )

    Bec of the Ladies Lounge said...

    If you find it - let me know! We need one like boatshed but greyer as the deep colour for a three-tone update on our 1920s facade. Some people up the road have a similar look but their blue is a bit too green (as opposed to a bit too blue... you know what I mean!)

    meggie said...

    I rather like the blue... I too, have always seen the green or the blue in other colours!& so does my brother My Mum thought we were a bit freaky!

    Thought about the bad feng shui--- but the ugliness of those Jade plants CANT be lucky!? Surely UGLY is not good!

    My float said...

    Love those stairs.

    Anonymous said...

    It's not the bad luck I would be worried about, it's all that money you will be missing out on!

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