Saturday, September 30, 2006

    To the Earth

    Firstly thanks for all your kind words over the last couple of days.

    Yesterday wasn't so bad after all. We got stuck into the yard and didn't stop until dinner.
    I like working in the garden, I find it very therapeutic, very calming, very satisfying, always.

    The skip arrived ( our 3rd now ;) and AB got stuck into the big rocks around near the back steps. Chain-gang type work, hard work ( although I birthed his melon-headed child, so I still win in the hard labour stakes )

    I removed fence-making leftovers, tree-cutting leftovers, weed-removing leftovers and assorted mess, which was actually more physical than it sounds ( I impressed AB for hauling 2x ironbark-type wooden posts taller and possibly heavier than me ).


    So we didn't call the Vet.
    In fact, the decision only came to me after a good night's sleep.

    We are going to bring Ham home.

    We will be picking him up Monday, so I am thinking long & hard about a 'good place'.
    Will be going to Bunnings on Sunday to seek out a suitable coffin ( i'm thinking tin ? ), and a 'marking plant' until the garden is more permanent. I know he'd love a lavender.

    Bob, our other cat, has been just lovely.

    AB called him 'the stray that won't die', which is funny really.

    Bob is a stray that adopted us. We have no idea how old he is, but he was full grown when he joined the household, and we had both Hamlyn and Piper then.

    He has Cat Aids, only one front tooth, skin 'like a Mallee Bull' according to one Vet, who swore he broke needles trying to penetrate the flesh.

    He's not frightened of dogs, loves people ( except my son ).
    He stuck to me like glue yesterday, and I actually gave him a hug and asked how he felt now his world domination bid was successful ?

    He's a smart cat.
    I've always wondered about him, coming on the scene when Piper was ill.
    Too many old souls in this family. Bob is other-worldly.
    It's a good thing.


    Rosanna said...

    He is beautiful.

    Rosanna said...

    PS: No, that wasn't me on that greeting card that you commented on forever ago.

    I took the photo when I saw the name on the card.

    meggie said...

    Good for you, H & B. I think you made the 'right decision'.

    Tin sounds good! We once had a pet Axylotl, called Minty, & when he passed on, we buried him in our garden of the time, amidst my tears, & the children's tears. One of our dogs dug him up the next day- he was in a shoebox. I should have known better! We finally had to take his remains far away from our dogs.

    Love your thoughts on Bob.

    Stomper Girl said...

    I love it when pets know somehow that you need comforting, well done Bob. I'm glad you're making a special resting place for Ham.

    LOL re melon-headed child and winnning the labour war.

    Bec of the Ladies Lounge said...

    Sounds like the right decision. And lavender, yes, that sounds right too!

    And I do love the colour of the Stray That Won't Die.

    shpprgrl said...

    I'm so sorry, it's never easy...

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