Friday, September 01, 2006

    From Woe to Go

    I always stress when I type up a 'woe' post.

    I mean, I grew up poor ( we never owned a lounge suite, our kitchen table was a trestle stolen from the local RSL, and for a time we shot and fished and grew all our own food ( chooks, veges etc ) - yee ha !, and yes, I am grateful for a plentiful life. I am very, very lucky.
    This I *know*.

    Therefore, whenever I write anything that sounds even remotely like a whinge, I sweat, I cringe. It's like bad karma to post it. We have a WorldVision Child, we live in Australia, we have cable TV and internet. There is food on the table and it doesn't taste like gruel. We are freaking rich, man. I am staying home to cook and clean and mind our 2.4yr old. that, my friends, is real luxury.

    So when I complain about some loser on the phone, I feel bad. Was he pressing lit cigarettes into my forehead ? No. I have no right. It pains me. My life is so hard, right ? No, not, non.
    I want to beat myself up for being so whiney.

    Anyway, so to today, a great day, no whining, I promise ...

    Today is the first day of Spring.
    We floated on a warm lazy breeze all day - just lovely.
    Firstly, we set off to buy a new carseat for my son. After much deliberation, and help from other mothers, we paid more than we wanted, but feel a lot safer for our decision in the long run ( hey, he'll be in it until about 8yrs of age, so not so much $ divided by the long run ).
    For anyone in Australia in a similar position: this NRMA brochure helped heaps.

    Then on to Reece Plumbing, where I must say, my faith in customer service was restored.
    Not-a-problem was Reece, and with a smile, and some added suggestions to boot. Brilliant.

    We followed up with some lawnmowing and finished the day with a visit to the Grandparents.

    I love Spring.


    Anonymous said...

    wow....that is so interesting...I am bracing for fall...and you are celebrating spring...

    celebrate each day!!

    Michele sent me

    the frog princess said...

    If summer ever ends, I hope for a beautiful autumn here ... and if it ever stops raining. I hope spring is everything you wish for! And it's always good to realize that people have it worse -- sometimes I have to remind myself of that too! Here via Michele's ... thanks!

    vanx said...

    Fall and Spring are my favorite seasons. Summer is my least favorite. But Fall and Spring have a lot more energy and excitement. Enjoy!

    Tia said...

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, and for your comments. Yes - youth can be QUITE severe! LOL! I know I was! =)

    This post is beautiful. I can relate - especially in the midst of our move I sometimes feel like such a spoiled brat. I'm freaking out about VOLUNTARILY moving to a gorgeous foreign country!?! There are people in war-torn countries that would do anything for the luxury of choosing what to take with them if they got to leave! But, then I have to remind myself that this is my path and these are my feelings. The perspective on world-at-large helps, and that helps me grow as a person. Anyway... that's my two-cents worth - sorry, I think I made this all about me again.....

    I wish you an awesome spring in the downunder!

    Mother of Invention said...

    From Michele's...I am also just starting fall and the new school year! Hope you have a good spring. Wish I were doin' that summer thing all over!

    Damselfly said...

    Don't beat yourself up over a little complaining now and then. But thanks for reminding us all how much we have to be grateful for!

    Enjoy spring!

    nutmeg said...

    Hello H&B. I've seen your comments around the traps and thought I'd visit. That Karen Martini recipe of a few posts ago, got my tummy rumbling. Thanks for posting it - I've copied it down and plan to make it soon!

    CelloBella said...

    You have cable??!!!

    Angry Dad said...

    If your man child grows at the same rate as our man child, he'll be out of the car seat by five! However, we did the whole car seat thing - but thankfully we've only got one in there at the moment! Don't stress it with the woe's and the go's. It's fine to let it out when people shit you!

    Carmi said...

    After reading this entry, I'm tempted to drop everything here in the northern hemisphere and cart my brood to the southern one so we can enjoy magical days like the one you've just described.

    It's all about the little moments, after all. Thank you for the timely reminder.

    suburban mom said...

    Wow - you grew up poor? what was that like? do you think it actually made you a better person?

    Shula said...

    Ah, a girl after my own heart.

    I have everything I need, and more. My upbringing demands that I acknowledge this every day.

    But it creates a dissonance when, for whatever reason, you find yourself dissatisfied and unhappy. You feel guilty, because you feel should be deleriously happy every day of your life, because you now have so much.

    The ugly truth is, that we are hardwired to be unhappy and dissatisfied at times, happiness and contendedness come and go, just like all the other emotions.

    You just have to ride the negatives out, along with everything else, reminding yourself of the things you do have (husband, healthy children, nice house etc), but still acknowledge what's bothering you.

    All a question of perspective, eh?

    I'm grateful for my upbringing, as difficult as it was, because of the perspective it's given me. I can't always be happy, but I can always find enjoyment and comfort in little things (a good coffee, a singing dog, a lovely (!) blog comment), something I suspect is much harder for people who have never known what it is to be truly in need.

    Here endeth the dissertation.

    I think I've just paraphrased what you already said.

    Stopping now......:)

    Lazy cow said...

    I understand what you're saying. My family didn't have a lot growing up either (almost everything was secondhand) but it didn't bother me. Now, that I have everything I need, plus a lot that I want, I still whinge about it. As long as we're aware of how lucky we are, a little complaining now and then isn't too bad.

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