Tuesday, August 29, 2006

    Mum Goes Home Tonight ( Edited )

    ( Edit note: Mum hated the pic of her & Master B I posted up. All I saw was a funny expression as C. tried to attack her hair with a brush, but she noticed the little things one always hates about oneself, so i've taken it down and replaced it with a pic of her at a party in with a pink wig and boa, because that's all I had to work with ... )

    We've had a bit of fun, but it's made for boring blogging ;)

    We shopped, we wined, we dined, we watched the Emmy's Red Carpet Frockfest, renewed a driver's license ( mine - how do they get the photos so horrid ? Is it a trick lens ? ), played, had our hair done by Master B's Salon de Beauté ( see pic ), and etc.

    Hopefully mum's rested, but in fact, probably more exhausted from the fact of living with a 2.4yr old. She'll probably be glad to return to the R&R of a high-pressure job - ha !

    Mum will be going back to the UK to finalise a few things with her work before returning to Australia for good in early November ( just in time for Spring Racing - w00t! - I love Melbourne in the Spring ). She will be staying with us and my sister in the interim while she looks for work and a place of her own.

    In the meantime, we'll be replacing boundary fences, building a deck, and just MAYBE getting a new bathroom if we can get a price that works for us ( i'm not holding my breath on this one ).

    I'm thinking it's time for a housewarming BBQ soon.
    ESPECIALLY if we're getting a deck. A deck christening ! Oh Yes !


    Damselfly said...

    What a great expression on her face! She seems so fun and young.

    My float said...

    A pink wig and boa - your mum is fabulous!

    It sounds like you both had a marvellous time. I love the chicken and vegetable brodo, by the way. Have printed it out for next week's meal list!

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