Friday, June 30, 2006

    The Home Ideas Centre

    Daddy was home today, so we had an 'outing'.
    Back to the Home Ideas Centre .. our home-from-home-about-homes since 1999.

    It's like an Expo, without the $20 p/h entry fee, and the 10,000 other people with their unruly and tired children. It's just us, and a few others, on a Friday, at our leisure.
    Can't recommend it enough.

    If you're building or renovating, or simply thinking of doing anything to your home, I recommend you come here:

    So we left with our showbag of goodies ( ie: brochures ) and i'm currently wetting myself over a Jetmaster gas-log fireplace I can't show anyone as both the boys are having a kip. I'm also looking at quartz kitchen counters as a nice 'mid-range' alternative. This sort of thing wasn't really around at our last reno - it was either marble-rich, or laminex-poor then ... and we slotted into the latter group. I think my sister got Quartz for her kitchen a few years later, so i'll ask her tonight, as they're popping round for dinner and a look at Chateau Berty.

    AB also was taken with a bath with spa jets today. He reckons it might be the thing for him in his old age. Like we get time for baths - pppppbbbbbttttt !!! Still, it was nice looking, and if that's what turns him on, ...{ shrug }... well, I have no qualms with that !
    It was a Japanese-y rectangular modern looking thing. We're going modern this time in ...

    The bathroom will be first up ( the old Physiotherapist's room ), and maybe the decking ...
    We'll also be replacing the non-working gas heater in the front room ( it died 2 days after moving here, despite following the previous owners detailed instuctions on how to operate it with a pair of pilers ... ) with the aforementioned 'fake' OFP.

    I must say, I do like being in "doing" mode again ....

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