Thursday, May 18, 2006

    Absolutely Furious

    Going out tonight.
    Thought it was cute when my son would put on discarded shoes to 'try' for himself. He walks very well in heels, truth be known.

    I get out my PRICELESS Cubic Zirconias. Ok, so no heirloom, but they are only new, have only been worn once. Got to bathroom to adjust hair ( again ), Come back. Only one earring remains.

    YES, I put them 'up high'.
    Stupid packing boxes acting as stairways to wealth and riches.

    I find the necklace - it's dangling provocatively from my son's neck.
    Yes, he is cute, yes, I should be flattered - he's only mimicking me...

    "Where is Mummy's earring, Bubby?"
    He frowns and wags his finger at me in a 'tut-tut' fashion
    "Yes, I know it's naughty, where did you put my earring ?" ( I check his pockets etc )

    Gone. He has no idea where it is, but helpfully directs me to some shoes ( no, it's not in the shoes )
    Far out, i'm annoyed. No wonder I don't want to own "good stuff" .. it's just too stressful, and I am sick of going through the garbage when we lose something ( usually it is too late - the missing item is out in the big garbage before the item is discovered AWOL ). To my knowledge, we have lost:

    - a coffee cup
    - a toy giraffe
    - numerous teaspoons ( just chuck 'em out with your empty yoghurt container, easy ! )
    - perhaps another set of jewellery I can't locate at the moment ....
    - etc

    He's a good boy .. but ... sometimes ....

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