Sunday, April 23, 2006

    Off My Trolley

    Well, that's what my husband thinks.

    Went to bed early last night and was awoken at 1.30am by laughter in the street - sounded like teens on their way home and chucking a footy to each other, or similar - quite a pleasant sound I decided to ignore. AB got up to investigate and look out the bedroom window. He raps on the glass to try and get someone's attention/ward them off. He might have said "hey!"

    I'm like "what's up?".

    "Two boys just impaled a shopping trolley on our fence"

    ( i'm really awake now ) - "huh ????!!!"

    " Take a look"

    So I do, and see a shopping trolley, nose down, mounted on my picket fence and possibly damaging a rose bush ( what the ? ). How the hell did they even manage that without any banging and overt sounds ?? AB says he saw them go into a house across the street I know.
    He says to leave it, and I try to go back to sleep.

    It doesn't work, and I get up and slip my jeans on. I am going to knock on their door and ask them to kindly remove said trolley. AB says I could be 'killed'. I don't think so, so we have a little tiff and off I go. The boys are very sweet and concerned and deny the wrongdoing - apparently it could have been 'those guys next door'. Whatever. I get it removed, and that's that.

    What is it about a house with a R/E sign out the front ?
    When we lived in ruff n tuff Collingwood, the only vandalism we had to our house was when we were up for auction and we woke up one morning to discover some drunk had spewed coke and chips and prawns on the side of the house near the front door. I had a 5-day old baby and had to scrub with disinfectant for ages to get rid of the spew-y smell, all between breastfeeds.... noice.

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