Tuesday, April 04, 2006

    Appt with Speech Therapist

    Really nice lady - young, enthusiastic - very friendly and open and of happy disposition, so that was nice.
    I think she loved C. - she thinks he's really expressive, so hasn't found the need for speech just yet.

    She did some 'play' stuff with him, seeing how he asked for certain toys, or indicated his interest in them etc.
    She also got him to point out things ( like "Where's the Apple, C. ?" ), and he passed all the tests.

    He said both "Day-dEE" and "ca" when we were there ( Daddy and Car ), and instead of frowning and telling me how he should have vocab of 200, and be stringing sentences together rah rah rah .... she was thrilled and very complimentary etc. She acted like he had just quoted Shakespeare, which was nice :)

    She was interested in his placid calm nature ( I was told to expect tantrums due to his inability to verbally communicate his wants and needs ), and we talked about his play and his day and stuff like that. She said he was very good at getting his point across ( thus the lack of temper tantrums ), but was curious why he made it so hard on himself, when talking would obviously be easier for him, and there seemed to be no reason why he couldn't/shouldn't.

    Anyway, we are seeing her again in 2 weeks time, and in the meantime, she is sending me out some 'sound games' for me to try with him to see how we go. She thinks it might be easier to play with sounds rather than words. I felt it was a very beneficial visit.

    Can I just say though .. I think there is actually 3x words he can say .. the 3rd word is embarrassing though ... it's "Sem-sun". I'm sure of it - i've heard it too many times, and we don't even really watch the show ( what show, you ask ? ) .. yes .. that's right .. "The Simpsons"
    Talk about DIE ;)

    He is also making a short 'ca' noise too ( caa for car is longer ) for cat or cat food, so it seems he's making progress to me.

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