Monday, March 20, 2006

    Very Tired Today

    Possibly the bottle of Sauv Blanc I drank by myself yesterday .. possibly just all the house selling and associated cleaning and stuff ... possibly just a bad night's sleep .. whatever ;)

    Anyway, with only 2 weeks to go until auction day, I think i'm getting a bit worried about it.
    We get sooo many people attracted and in the door, but so many comments on the R/E comments sheet are along the lines of "not enough land"; "need a bigger backyard" etc..

    That said, 4x people have requested contracts to look over, so our agent says he will know more in the next 48hours as to their thoughts etc. One of our 'red-hots' unfortunately bought something else on Saturday, so that's a bummer.

    We had 21 people through yesterday, and only 3 that I would consider 'of interest'.

    Anyway, I think I would rather err on the side of worry, and be pleasantly suprised at auction, than to be horrendously let down on the day ... so I am happy to be fearful, if that makes sense ;)

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