Sunday, March 26, 2006

    My Son, In The Wars ..

    All he needs is a black eye at the moment - such a boy...

    Fell down twice in Fiji, so had a very scabby knee, which he carpet-burned at home the other week, thus having a big weeping buildup of scab upon scab - most unattractive and oogy looking. Finally, it seems to be healing, and we now have a the pink of new flesh with just a little scab.

    So this morning he fell down the heating duct in his bedroom ( *sigh* )
    It's been on the cards for a while. He takes the vent covers off the things and throws things down them - toys, shoes, spoons, crusts etc. I'm always checking and cleaning them.

    Well this morning, he took the cover off, took a wrong step and fell down - his whole leg swallowed up by the floor.
    A shallow cut on the foot, and a nice bruisey-graze on the upper thigh. He's ok though, I hope he learned a bit of a lesson, actually ...

    I'm wondering about that cut on the foot though - it's clean, but should I be getting him a tetanus injection ( or equivalent for kids ? ). All I remember about childhood is that stepping on metal = the extra punishment of an injection ...

    hmmm - will have to check it out, methinks....

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