Tuesday, February 21, 2006

    Photos This Friday !

    Oh no !

    So we've been working solidly .. but when somebody says they'd like to take your pic .. you realise your teeth are stained and your eyes are kinda wonky !! Spak attack !!

    Soooooooo glad we decided to make this move with only one child. The boy sooooooooo needs a backyard at this stage, and I am grumpy "NO!" mummy, trying to clean and fix and get this place on the market .. I feel quite mean. Thank God for Mother's Group and Playgroup - making time for them makes me feel less of an ogre. At least when we moved the first time, he was just a little baby, with more easily met needs. I can't wait to unleash C. on the new place and spend real time with him, where he can be messy and naughty and mummy won't be cross.

    Bring it on !

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