Friday, February 17, 2006

    I like blogs with pics best ...

    I get bored when I only see words - blah blah, who cares, bring on the pics !

    Today's pic is one of a few prints I recently framed - a calendar we picked up in Italy that was too nice to bin after the year was done. Had all these old frames laying around, many with my own dubious artwork in them, so a new lease of life and voila ! - cheap decorating problem solved. In this instance is was a case of too much wall, and too short vases.

    Thanks to my old workplace for the free backing paper, not that they know or care that I took it, probably ... it was a discontinued line anyway :)

    In other news, my cheap Ebay dishwasher replacement scam may end up being a bit more exxy than first thought when AB cracked a pipe ( or something ) this morning trying to disconnect ours. The Plumber was really nice, and ended up doing the entire swapover. He'll be sending us the bill ... *sigh*

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