Wednesday, February 08, 2006

    Busy Day in the Garden yesterday ...

    AB took the day off work yesterday, so we could get some things done. He started by getting stuck into the bathroom, washing down the walls and ceiling and etc. Meanwhile, the boy & I walked up to the local nursery and he admired the pond of carp while I selected a nice feature succulent that would look great in a pot I already own.

    Afterwards, we went out and bought some ready-turf for a couple of 'dead areas' we needed to fix. As with the last home we sold, we wondered: 'why don't we do these things for ourselves ?!?!?!'. Anyway, turf looks *fantastic*, really pleased with it. We also trimmed and replanted some lavender, and bought some 'accent' plants for pots that had 'ugly experiments' in them ... things are looking good !

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