Friday, March 23, 2007

    I Was On the Deal Again


    But I missed my grand suitcase opening, as it happened within the first 2mins of the show, and I ran in from outside at 5.32pm ( I had an inkling it would be on tonight ), and i'd already been on.

    But I think you'll agree these pics were worth it:

    On the mini-tramp nude on a HOT DAY.

    We often talk about a HOT DAY. On the deck, frowning, hands on hips.
    "It's a HOT DAY" my son will declare.

    He barely knows what rain is, i'm sure.

    I take photos of my obsessions nearly every day ( house/garden/baby/house/garden/baby ), so I absolutely hate it when I wake up and find my husband has had to take the camera ( *his* camera ) to work for something.

    And i've decided i've got another year of this. Kinder 2009, baby.
    Until then, you're mine.


    dancingmorganmouse said...

    All that's missing is the hose. Hot day, nude bebe and lots of water - the perfect combination (though highly illegal these days I'm sure).

    Joke said...

    Let me know when the hordes of Google perverts descend upon thee.


    Em said...

    It was worth it. Absolutely.

    I know that it isn't my place to say this... but I do agree you should treasure him at home for as long as you can. Once they go to school they change. Within six months they've gone from being babies to being kids.

    My float said...

    Oh very adorable. Very disappointed to miss seeing you on the show!

    But you're right. The pics were absolutely worth it. And you're very lucky to have him home another year.

    And trampolining nude on a hot day? Do it while you can, is what I say. Because when you get to my age, there are far too many bits flopping around independently!

    meggie said...

    Perfectpics, as usual. He certainly is a very handsome boy.
    Glad you are keeping him!
    Bugger for missing Deal- I rarely watch, but last night it was on...but, a bit late!

    h&b said...

    Joke - my stats don't show any uninvited visitors - i'm sure there's a few, but I can almost account for everyone here.

    Because I don't list on Blogger, I tend to miss the Google hit-list.

    Which means I also miss out on those hilarious search results.

    em - no, I appreciated everyone's opinion. Many of the people I know here are at the same stage as me ... so in the same state of unsure. Some opinions with the value of hindsight were exactly what I needed..

    Lazy cow said...

    Gorgeous photos. I need to spend more time with this, rather than just snapping at random and hoping for the best.
    Glad you made the decision. All kids are different of course, but the trend does seem to be to hold back (and the parents who don't are VERY defensive about their position). I had a lot of experience with all of this a couple of years ago when I was the 3 yo enrolment officer for kinder!

    tommiea said...

    Very precious pics! I have a three year old as well with a june birthday. I also live in a brand new neighborhood with a new school. Coming from an educational background before kids, I am leary of putting him in the "free" pre-K program next year. So, we will pay the $$$$ for Montessori at least one more year. We will rethink this again next spring!

    Keep him home as long as you can!!

    Stomper Girl said...

    Ah, the photos were definitely worth it. He's a gorgeous boy.

    Maybe you need to have your *own* camera? You could upgrade and give hubby the old one.

    Also. Any chance of Youtube and The Deal?

    h&b said...

    Thanks all - i'm a little in love with my little man ...

    Stomper - I am exhausted after a day of trying to wire up a new computer ( been sitting in a wardrobe now for some time ). I spent $30 getting the video a friend took converted to DVD, and the old computer can't read it, to upload it.

    I so want to muck around with YouTube.

    And I have my own cam - but Hubby's is a digital-SLR, and mine's an early model point & shoot.

    His camera rocks.

    h&b said...

    oh - and MF ?

    I hate being forced ( Mummy's turn! ) to jump on that thing. I have to hold my boobs, and I feel like my bladder is about to fall out of my body.

    TMI, I know.
    Jumping = not for me.

    sue said...

    I remembered you posting about being on Deal and I saw you open your case. You were the second person to open it. At least now I can place a face and voice to your blog. I think the photos were more important though.

    Melody said...

    Bugger!!! You missed out on yourself!! And what gorgeous piccies. What a little heart throb he is your boy.

    Tracey Petersen said...

    Nude that an olympic sport? May be a bright future there and then, hell, who needs school!

    VictoriaE said...

    Good idea to keep him home I reckon (because I reckon I know about these things, not). My 4 year old's next birthday is such that I have no choice but to send him to school next year and I'm already feeling panicky about it - how much I will miss him and how much time I won't get to spend with him!

    Damselfly said...

    Between his good looks and your obvious photography skills, these shots look so professional!

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